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ELIXIR 33 ml – Antibacterial hand sanitizer


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  • fragrance: ELIXIR (perfume collection) – hypoallergenic fragrance (allergen-free)
  • capacity: 33 ml
  • Biocidal product – virucidal – bactericidal – fungicidal – confirmed efficacy

Certification and laboratory tests confirming efficacy against coronaviruses.


disinfects hands in 30 seconds
indispensable in the hospital at home and at work
contains panthenol and glycerin
eliminates viruses, including CORONAVIRUS

Out of stock


Out of stock

Fragrance: ELIXIR (allergen-free)

A fanciful composition on the verge of a cocktail of exotic fruits with the powdery and creamy scent of a bouquet of white flowers. A fragrance from the perfumes collection.

We use only the highest quality fragrances without allergens, so using our products is a pleasure and also safe for your skin.

Highest efficiency – kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria – proven effectiveness and safety.

Eliminates viruses, including CORONAVIRUS.

Recommended for use in the medical field, in public places, in industry and at home.

High concentration of panthenol, which deeply moisturizes, has anti-inflammatory properties and accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis.

Natural glycerin that moisturizes and retains water in the epidermis.

The high concentration of aloe extract, which has anti-inflammatory properties, soothes, soothes redness and irritation.

A unique formula that does not leave a sticky layer on the hands after using the preparation – despite the very high content of moisturizing and caring ingredients.

  • the spray pump, in the optimal amount, precisely applies the liquid to the hands
  • high-quality pearly-colored bottle and transparent cork securing the applicator against accidental pressing
  • production in Poland guarantees quality and availability

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