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Virucidal, antibacterial surface disinfectants

Effective, antibacterial liquid for surface disinfection is a type of product, the selection of which should be based primarily on quality. Viruscidal preparations from PureQueen are a guarantee of effectiveness, confirmed by certificates of Polish institutions controlling the quality of biocidal products, as well as a very affordable price of professional products. With such agents, you can effectively fight against viruses and bacteria.

Effective surface disinfection

PureQueen biocidal products are developed with a view to high effectiveness and comfort of use. That’s why the company makes sure that the antibacterial surface disinfectant can be used in an intuitive and practical way. The disinfectant starts to work literally after a moment and can then simply be wiped off. This eliminates the need to rinse it with water, which could unnecessarily prolong the sanitizing process.

The spray is designed so that the selected surface can be covered with the substance as precisely as possible and a thorough disinfection can be carried out. It also features a simple locking mechanism to prevent accidental spills. PureQueen antibacterial and virucidal liquid is a guarantee of practical solutions, as well as quality and availability – the entire production process takes place in Poland.

When considering purchase, you can choose from several different fragrances. Disinfecting surfaces thus becomes not only a duty, but also a pleasure. Pleasant to the senses scent of flowers or leaves will effectively refresh the air in the room and allow you to return to work with much more enthusiasm. The preparation itself will continue to be characterized by excellent antibacterial and virucidal activity. The smell will remain in the room for a long time.

The most effective disinfectant

Every PureQueen virucidal surface disinfectant is manufactured to the highest standards, which has allowed the company to obtain a mass production permit from the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products. This type of certificate ensures antibacterial, as well as antiviral and antifungal action. It guarantees safety of use, thanks to which the preparations can be successfully used in medical facilities.

Effective surface disinfection in hospitals or doctor’s offices is an important and responsible task, which PureQueen products cope with very well. The antibacterial and virucidal liquids are easy to apply to the desired area. They are suitable for disinfecting treatment beds and other surfaces. The biocidal action reaches effectiveness in just 30 seconds after application, so the preparations of this type can be safely used also in emergencies, when it is necessary to quickly disinfect the entire environment. The agents allow to streamline and optimize working time in the medical facility, so that staff can focus primarily on saving the health and lives of patients, and the disinfecting actions were possible to perform in the shortest possible time.

Antimicrobial agents are also useful outside the medical industry. Virucidal liquids can prove invaluable in offices and other public institutions, where a lot of people appear every day and where there is therefore a need for regular disinfection of surfaces. They can also be used at gyms and SPA salons, where exercise and relaxation equipment is used by many people every day. Exercise benches or whirlpool baths can be cleaned easily and quickly – after spraying and waiting 30 seconds, the substance just needs to be wiped off and can then be used again. Antibacterial and virucidal disinfecting liquids are great against bacteria, fungi, and also significantly reduce the transmission of all kinds of viruses, including coronaviruses, so methodical disinfection of frequently used places is very important.

Reliable antibacterial and virucidal liquid

In the era of the coronavirus pandemic, the need for antibacterial and virucidal liquids has noticeably increased. Harmful microorganisms readily persist on neglected surfaces, so the need for frequent disinfection is now great. PureQueen products can definitely be trusted for their excellent level of effectiveness. In laboratory conditions, these products have been proven to kill 99.9% of all viruses, fungi and bacteria, making the surface completely free from all types of harmful microorganisms.

PureQueen is a Polish company that has been producing antibacterial and virucidal surface disinfectants since 2008. Entrusting its products with protection against bacteria, viruses or fungi, you receive a guarantee of action. The products of this company perfectly fulfill their task, disinfecting rooms and additionally refreshing the air in them thanks to a wide range of perfumery scents.


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