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Hand cream SOS 50 ml for extrem dry shin

39,90 zł

HAND AND BODY CREAM / vol. 50 ml / maximum regeneration of dry and irritated skin

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Maximum and immediate skin regeneration. The unique formula of the cream significantly accelerates the regeneration and reconstruction of damaged skin. Copper stimulates the increased production of collagen and elastin and plays a key role in the production of hyaluronic acid. Zinc Oxide neutralizes free radicals. Silver has a strong antibacterial effect, preventing inflammation.

krem ze srebrem krem z miedzią krem z cynkiem


antybakteryjny spray bezzapachowy


vol. 50 ml

krem ze srebrem

SILVER prevents inflammation

krem z miedzią

COPPER stimulates cell renewal

krem z cynkiem

ZINC neutralizes free radicals

krem z olejem konopnym

HEMP OIL replenishes the damage in the intercellular cement and rebuilds the hydro-lipid coat of the epidermis.

purequeen produkt polski

polska, rodzinna firma. Nasze produkty, to nasza pasja.


  • airless bottle that protects the cream against air, bacteria and external factors 
  • very efficient
  • production in Poland guarantees quality and availability

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