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Disinfecting surface spray liquid 250 m WILD STRAWBERRY

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fragrance: WILD STRAWBERRY / vol. 250 ml / active ingredient: 70% alcohol (ethanol)

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Cleans and disinfects various surfaces, e.g .:

płyn do dezynfekcji powierzchni purequeen

  mobile phones /  credit cards    /    kitchen      /   bathroom    /  doctor's office


antybakteryjny płyn do powierzchni PureQueen Las Amazonki


- sweet, fruity scent of freshly harvested wild strawberries

capacity: 250 ml


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high quality fragrance

fragrance will stay indoors for a long time 

dezynfekujący płyn do powierzchni PureQueen

immediately disinfects surfaces from pathogenic organisms

bez potrzeby spłukiwania

does not require rinsing with water - just wait a moment and wipe the sprayed surface

Polish manufacter = high quality


  • reliable sprinkler precisely and evenly distributes the liquid on a given surface
  • safety lock against accidental use
  • production in Poland guarantees the highest quality and availability

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