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Antibacterial gel 60 ml (no fragrance)

12,90 zł

Handsanitizer gel (no fragrance) / vol. 60 ml / 70% alcohol - effective hand disinfection

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purequeen antibacterial gel hand sanitizer with gliceryn hand sanitizer with glicerin hand sanitizer with aloe vera


in 30 seconds






aloe vera


antybakteryjny spray bezzapachowy

no fragrance

purequeen spray antybakteryny

the highest efficiency - 70% ethanol in PREMIUM quality. The alcohol is rectified many times, thanks to which it has a neutral smell.

spray antybakteryjny purequeen z panthenol

high concentration of panthenol, which deeply moisturizes, has anti-inflammatory properties and accelerates the regeneration of the skin.

żel antybakteryjny z gliceryną

natural glycerin that moisturizes and retains water in the skin.

żel antybakteryjny z ekstraktem z aloesu

high concentration of aloe vera extract, which has anti-inflammatory properties, soothes redness and irritation. 

żel antybakteryjny purequeen nie klei się

a unique formula that does not leave a sticky layer on the hands after using the preparation - despite the very high content of moisturizing and caring ingredients.

purequeen produkt polski

Polish producer  = high quality. 


  • pocket size
  • the spray pump, in the optimal amount, precisely applies the liquid to the hands
  • high-quality pearly-colored bottle and transparent cork securing the applicator against accidental pressing
  • production in Poland guarantees quality and availability

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