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Handsanitizer Aloe

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Spray effectively cleanses your hands without the need of water and soap. Fresh scent of aloe.

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-          effectiveness in disinfecting hands: 70% of liquid is ethyl alcohol - such a high concentration guarantees immediate and

           effective disinfection of the hand

-          it does not dry your hands

-          contains green tea extract - anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties

-          contains a caring extract of aloe

-          thanks to the content of vitamin E and glycerin, the skin of the hand remains smooth and moisturized

-          does not leave an oily and sticky layer on the hands, as most of antibacterial gels

-          much more efficient than gel products - 33 ml packaging is enough for 350 individual applications

-          handheld - small dimensions mean that you can always have it with you

-          irreplaceable in travel

-          it dries in 15 seconds

-          spray effectively eliminates the unpleasant smell of your hands after smoking cigarettes.



-          a spray pump, in the optimum amount, precisely applies liquid on  hands

-          high-quality pearl-colored bottle and transparent stopper protecting the applicator against accidental operation

-          production in Poland guarantees quality and availability

-          the spray is packed in a transparent box to protect against damage

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